Need Help with
Google Ads?

Let's Setup your account from scratch

With the help a certified Google Ads Expert you can save thousands of dollars and get what you deserve after spending your money.

Account setup cost: $499 Usd

Why Choose TJ ?

There are plenty of other Google Ads experts out there, but the question is who do you trust with your business, your money, your Google Ads account having potential to grow your business.

I am not a big company with whom you will hesitate to ask little questions. I understand people and their concern about their business, I’m myself a small entrepreneur working hard to satisfy my clients.

No Long-Term Contracts

I believe that you should have the flexiblity to decide what makes sense for your business without being obligated to stick with someone. I setup accounts and after that I will give you videos and brief knowledge that what you need to learn to do it yourself. I offer a one-off account setup service for those clients who don’t have the budget for ongoing monthly management.

You have full ownership of everything (including costs) and it will be fully transparent.

Your work will never be outsourced or discussed with other companies. It will be between us.

I provide no obligation month to month ppc management service for those who need. For pricing it is necessary to monitor, strategize and proper understanding of work need to be done. Ongoing account management prices vary according to your account size and needs. Beware of those who offer fixed price as it doesn’t work like that.I am comfortable providing a quote only after reviewing your unique situation, and understanding the work involved for your advertising goals.

What will TJ Do ?

Let's Discuss Your Work

I take the time to gain an understanding of your industry and the competition. We will first understand your business and what kind of people are your customers to target.


Once we’ve agreed upon the advertising strategy I either begin to transform your existing campaigns or create brand new ones from scratch using a carefully formulated strategy.

TJ will research Keywords

I spend a significant amount of time researching keywords to ensure that I target those most appropriate for your business, so you don’t waste money. I will offer you a list of new keywords & we will decide what to add.


I write Google ads specifically designed to stand out from the crowd, helping you drive the most relevant traffic at a lower cost than your online competitors.

How much do I charge?

For new account setup I will charge $499 Usd fix price. Shopping Ads setup may cost more depending on the number of products I have to work on.

For month-to-month management price (min. $599) will vary depending on how much time I need to devote each day/week to managing your account depends on factors such as:

  • Your budget (see the “How much should I spend on Google advertising?” question below).
  • The size of your account (i.e. how many campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads you have).
  • How often major structural changes are needed in your account (if your website changes a lot, or you have an evolving/seasonal product line, your campaigns should also change to reflect this).
  • Whether I am setting up an account from scratch or working on existing campaigns.

Google Search Ads.

I create outstanding Google search campaigns specifically designed to drive better qualified traffic that converts customers.

Google Display Ads.

I extend your brand reach with visual display adverts, served across the Google network. I can also create targeted remarketing campaigns that bring visitors back to your website.

Google Shopping Ads.

I setup your Google merchant feed and advertise your product inventory in the Google shopping network.

YouTube Ads.

I expand your reach by showing your product or service videos across YouTube and other Google video partners.


Got a question? Hopefully you’ll find the answer here. Otherwise, feel free to send me a message.

There’s no minimum spending requirement.

Mostly people work on % of your budget or may be if you know Google Ads reps, they will make to spend more to make profit to Google. But I suggest you should spend what ever you like or whenever you want to.

Ultimately, you’ll need to work out for yourself how much you want to spend on Google Ads, however I am happy to consult with you and offer suggestions.

Your Google Ads account is set up in your business name and account, so you’ll have full access. This means you can log in and see what I see, including all reports, costs and statistics for your campaigns, and the full changelog.

Alternatively, you can have automated reports emailed to you. You will be able to see every detail about all the money & ads which is working for you & your business.


The short answer is no.

You may come across marketers offering a guarantee, e.g. “Rank No. 1 on Google or your money back”. Basically, even if you have a mammoth budget, this type of guarantee is hard to fulfil. This is because Google Ads is a dynamic, constantly changing auction system. You might have to bid X amount for your Ad to rank # 1 one day, and then three times more the next day just for it to appear at all. What’s to stop your competitor out-bidding you once in a while?

What I can guarantee is that you will be satisfied with my AdWords account management.

I will work closely with you to help you reach your marketing goals. And because you don’t have to sign any contracts, you can opt-out at any time and either cease Google Ads advertising, or take over account management yourself.

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