Learn How to Sell Digital Products on Google

(With Tejnoor Singh)

Learn How to
Sell Digital Products on Google

(With Tejnoor Singh)

School teachers will never teach you this !!

NO Webinar

NO Course Reselling

NO Hidden Cost

Lifetime Access

Get Real Work knowlegde which can help you to earn money & change your daily lifestyle

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the course format?

The Course is in a Video format. There are a few videos in which I (Tejnoor Singh) will be teaching you all the concepts. I teach and explain in a friendly way, not in a formal language. This will be a complete learning of real work in an easy and friendly way 🙂.

What's the course language?

The course language is Hindi. However very basic knowledge of English is needed to work in this field.

Do I need Mobile or Laptop?

All the Work can be done with mobile only. Although Laptop is needed for atleast 1-2 days to start working. If you don’t have a laptop, you can go to an Internet cafe and use the computer there for a few hours in the beginning. Then your phone will be the best option to check your sales & other things.


Is this for Beginners?
Beginners or New people to online business are welcomed! No fancy degrees or any experience is needed. This course will teach you everything from the start in a very simple language.
When will I get the course?

After making the payment, you will receive an email & whatsapp message with the LOGIN DETAILS i.e. your email & password (auto generated) within 5-10 mins automatically.

If incase you do not receive any email regarding your login details, please contact us at support@webeesolutions.com.
We will reply as soon as possible.

DM me on 

Instagram free icon Instagram @tejnoor_tj
Can I get a Refund Policy ?

Sorry I do not have a refund policy for this course, as it is a knowledge & learning based service which i have provided after years of learning and developing skills by myself. Most people will just download the course & apply for a refund which is not ethical.

Before receiving the payment I haven’t even provided proper knowledge of what the work is, just to maintain the gap between people who are willing to pay for the knowledge against those are who are not willing to pay.
This will be the benefit for the paying community. So once you get the knowledge & learn what to do, there shall not be a refund from our side.

Any hidden cost after this?

NO! there is no hidden cost after this, you only pay once, i.e. 784 rupees.
This is a genuine learning course, No-upselling, No-reselling. Only one-time payment for 1 course.

I made the payment but didn't receive an email

Email comes automatically from support@webeesolutions.com within 5-10 mins after payment.
Please check your Promotions/Social or may be Spam folder.

Still if you can not find an email from us. Please contact us at support@webeesolutions.com
DM me on

Instagram free icon Instagram @tejnoor_tj
Where do i login to get the course?

You can login on webeesolutions.com/login
You can use the password provided to you in the email that you will receive after making the payment OR create a new password on the Reset Password link.

Forgot my password?

Visit webeesolutions.com/login & click on Reset Password. You will receive a link & instructions on that page to reset your password.

Password Reset is not Working?
webeesolutions.com/contact & raise a ticket in CONTACT US form. OR Dm me on Instagram free icon Instagram @tejnoor_tj
Who is Tejnoor? What does he do for a living?

Well in short, I was working basic 9-5 jobs in IT field. Switched different companies in Noida & Gurgaon from 2013-2018. You can see a few pics on my

Instagram free icon Instagram @tejnoor_tj
In 2019, I started my own Digital marketing company “Webee Solutions” & started working for clients in US & Canada

Now I am working for small business owners in the USA as a Google Ads expert. My website for that particular is tejads.webeesolutions.com

I do have 2-3 more businesses which i pursue in my free time but you can make them as full time business & one of them is “Selling Digital Products on Google”. These digital products are free to create and you can make a decent amount of money by doing this work. Will not be able to share more freely as this is not going to be a free knowledge from my side.
Thank you!!

What's your Income Tejnoor?

Most of the time people ask me this question, finally adding this as a FAQ.

My main business is Digtal Marketing. I run Google Ads for small businesses in USA, will be doing that soon in India as well. I do several other things as well and one of them is selling Digital Products on Google which I will teach you in this Course.

This has nothing to do with my personal income & I am not comfortable sharing information about my income or revenue publicly. Even I am not sure how people show their bank account statements etc. openly to everyone & why would they do something like this.
Every genuine person i guess, would not be comfortable to share his original & real bank statements as a proof.
So kindly do not expect me to share my personal income proof etc. as this is something which can not be shared.
Thank you!!

I want to ask different question ?

Well, apart from the above questions, if you have any other questions
Please contact us at support@webeesolutions.com
DM me on Instagram @tejnoor_tj


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Disclaimer (Earning)

Results are not guaranteed and individual income will vary significantly based on effort, skills, market conditions, and other factors. This course provides the knowledge and tools to create digital products, but success depends on your individual commitment and execution.
Unlock Your Potential, Not a Guarantee, this course is your roadmap to building a digital product business, but the destination depends on you. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a commitment to learning, applying, and adapting. Remember, success is a journey, not a given outcome.

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